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Michael Barwise - The shared Experience

Série « Sopranos », extrait

Memories of watching a series as a child are quite fragmented. I remember enjoying the expérience of watching tv shows rather than remembering specific things about them. I remember watching lots of different BBC one off series and one called « State of Play » in particular.

I watched « The Sopranos » as a teenager. My main memory of this was the excitement of a new episode each week and sitting down collectively with family to watch it. The shared experience was a big factor in my enjoyment of the show.

The first series of « True Detective » is one of the best things I’ve seen in recent years and the latest season of « Twin Peaks » was the last series I watched and it was brilliant. Every épisode felt fresh and each was enjoyable in a different way, some were unsettling, others hilarious and others felt a bit like a watching a dream.

Watching televison feels less formal than the cinéma. I would happily go to the cinema by myself but I don’t really enjoy watching television unless I’m watching with other people. When watching a television series you often get attached to characters in a different way than you do when watching a film. They become a bit more familar, and for me that familiarity and connection is enhanced if it’s shared with other people watching with you.

Michael Barwise

Saison Video 2017, online programme, RETRANCHEMENT

avec Clémentine Coupau, Damien Jibert, Robin Labriaud, Mark Raidpere

30 octobre – 12 novembre 2017

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